In recent years, we have immersed ourselves in developing multimedia productions. While there is a large audience for background stories and analysis, the demand for videos and podcasts is rapidly increasing.

Techzine Talks

Techzine has a successful weekly Dutch podcast series called Techzine Talks since 2021. In it, Coen and Sander discuss technological trends together, and guests from the IT industry regularly join in to share their expertise and knowledge with our listeners. Finally, various Techzine editors make guest appearances to discuss topics.

The format of Techzine Talks is an open and good conversation about business technology. We rarely cut the recordings, but we do keep focus on the content we want to create. We don’t drift off the main topic. This results in 30- to 40-minute podcast episodes that are really in-depth and from which listeners can learn something.

Techzine Talks will also be available as a vodcast (video) in Q1 of 2024. With this, we hope to engage even more listeners. Although it’s possible to record a Techzine Talks episode in English, the focus of Techzine Talks is on the Dutch language.

Techzine Talks on Tour

In addition to Techzine Talks, there is an English podcast on Techzine.eu called Techzine Talks on Tour. This podcast series is recorded on location when the editorial team attends events or visits organisations. We visit many events domestically and abroad from larger IT vendors. The people we meet during these events have a lot of knowledge about the industry or new technology trends. Those are the people we will invite to record a podcast with us. For Techzine Talks on Tour we aim to have episodes of 20 to 30 minutes with an external expert.

Dolphin Publications

Dolphin Publications richt zich op IT-professionals en zakelijke beslissers. We onderscheiden ons van andere media op kennis, inhoud en diepgang. Onze redactie weet exact wat er speelt in de markt, hoe de oplossingen in elkaar zitten, hoe ze werken en waar behoefte aan is. Met een goed inhoudelijk verhaal bereik je de doelgroep veel beter.
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