Content productions

Background stories, interviews, analyses and customer stories

We distinguish ourselves by strongly focusing on high quality and depth in our editorial efforts. If you are looking for a good, in-depth article that really stimulates and influences the decision-maker or IT professional in his decision-making process, you have come to the right place.

We write and publish different types of articles. Background stories about new products or services, interviews with decision makers or IT professionals, customer stories and, of course, in-depth analyses. Preferably, we visit an event or the offices of a company to get to know each other better and dig into the subject matter. If that is not possible, interviews via Teams, Meet and Zoom are also possible.

We are happy to advise and discuss setting up the best content strategy for the client. It will also help us get the best stories to the right people throughout the year.

Expert Talks; publish your own blogs and articles

It is also possible to publish your own articles or blogs on our publications. Many organizations have their own experts who regularly write blogs, such as a (technical) expert who wants to explain his take on a new emerging technology. These so-called guest posts can be published on our publications. This allows organizations to significantly increase the reach of these blogs beyond the company blog and reach new potential customers.

We publish guest posts under the heading "Expert Talks". Of course, these contributions must be worthy of the term. This means that they must be informative and unique. Our editors also check guest posts before publication. By pursuing an attractive and informative level, we make sure it remains an interesting section of the website for our readers.

Guest posts also work great in combination with the content productions of our editorial team.

Dolphin Publications

Dolphin Publications richt zich op IT-professionals en zakelijke beslissers. We onderscheiden ons van andere media op kennis, inhoud en diepgang. Onze redactie weet exact wat er speelt in de markt, hoe de oplossingen in elkaar zitten, hoe ze werken en waar behoefte aan is. Met een goed inhoudelijk verhaal bereik je de doelgroep veel beter.
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