Content partnership

A structural and excellent way to increase the exposure of an organization and its solutions is to opt for a content partnership. After all, awareness and content exposure are not achieved in a few weeks. This requires a plan with multiple storylines and certain messaging that needs to be repeated. Most importantly, content needs to be produced that bridges the gap between the organization and the market. Content that answers the questions in the marketplace at the time.

We work with one-year partnerships by default. During such a partnership, we ensure our editors pick up relevant press releases, speak with experts, and create various productions (written content, video, podcast). This ensures awareness of organizations and solutions throughout the year within the target audience and makes it easier to fill the sales funnel.

We are happy to engage with you to discuss or put together a content strategy. So that we can offer a customized package. We also have standard packages to help organizations get started., or both

Since 2019, in addition to, we also have, our English publication that focuses on Europe. We now offer the opportunity to become a partner and have your content appear on both titles. We can offer this at an attractive rate, doubling the reach of the content and your awareness throughout Europe.

Dolphin Publications

Dolphin Publications richt zich op IT-professionals en zakelijke beslissers. We onderscheiden ons van andere media op kennis, inhoud en diepgang. Onze redactie weet exact wat er speelt in de markt, hoe de oplossingen in elkaar zitten, hoe ze werken en waar behoefte aan is. Met een goed inhoudelijk verhaal bereik je de doelgroep veel beter.
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