Dolphin Internet Services to continue as Dolphin Publications

As of Jan. 1, 2018, Dolphin Internet Services will continue as Dolphin Publications. We will focus entirely on building IT media platforms under this new name.

Under this new name, Dolphin Publications, we will focus entirely on IT professionals and decision-makers. We have divested all activities that do not fit within this strategy.

The most important title within our IT platform strategy is Techzine. We create valuable content that is relevant to the desired target audience. We do this through news, extensive background stories and analysis.

We are also building additional services to support this platform. Content forms the basis of our activities, but we can create even more added value through events, lead generation, roundtables, job postings, and multimedia.

Dolphin Publications

Dolphin Publications focuses on IT professionals and business decision makers. We differentiate ourselves from other B2B IT media outlets by our relentless focus on quality and giving profound insights into the subject matter on our website. Our editors know exactly what is going on in the market, how the solutions work and what is needed. With a good in-depth story you reach your target group much better.
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