Dolphin Publications acquires ICT Magazine

Dolphin Publications, publisher of and, announced today that it is acquiring ICT Magazine from DNU Media. The strategic acquisition adds an extra dimension to Dolphin Publications' portfolio. It can now respond even better to market needs for knowledge and insights about the IT industry.

With and, Dolphin Publications has two titles that are known worldwide for the quality and depth of their content. IT vendors appreciate the stories that appear on them, as do the IT professionals and decision-makers who know how to find Techzine in large numbers.

Still, Dolphin Publications ' offering was not yet complete. After all, IT decisions do not only have a technical component. Choosing a specific solution or product is also a business decision these days. Other issues play a role on that side of organizations, compared to the IT side.

Techzine and ICT Magazine together bring the whole story

With the strategic acquisition of ICT Magazine, Dolphin Publications will now also focus on the business side of IT. The acquisition is an important step in completing Dolphin Publications' vision to cover all facets of the IT market. For technical depth on IT solutions there is Techzine, for in-depth stories on the impact of IT on the rest of the organization visitors can go to ICT Magazine.

With this acquisition, Dolphin Publications' portfolio can appeal to everyone involved with IT within organizations. The portfolio's collective reach is expected to increase. This offers new, interesting opportunities for suppliers of IT services and solutions. They can now turn to Dolphin Publications as a one-stop shop to reach all the departments, verticals, and personas they want to reach.

ICT Magazine will transition in the coming period and be equipped with the "Techzine-DNA" that is so well known in the market. "The Techzine-DNA means that quality always wins. That applies to the people we work with, the stories we create, and the image in the market we strive for," says Sander Almekinders, co-owner of Dolphin Publications.

After the acquisition: from two to five titles

Once the acquisition of ICT Magazine is fully completed, plans will begin to roll out for this new title, which will continue entirely online. Within the first month, Techzine's recent redesign was already adapted and rolled out on ICT Magazine's website.

In addition, ICT Magazine will also make its appearance in Belgium, where there are opportunities for an IT title that deals primarily with the business implications of IT. Since the whole story needs to be told there as well, this also means that Techzine's Flemish readers can visit from then on. We are working hard to set up these websites. We expect to launch them within a few weeks.

In addition to the two pairs for the Netherlands and Belgium, the internationally successful publication will, of course, continue to exist in the English language. With that title, Dolphin Publications has also made an impact worldwide in recent years, so it will certainly continue with that.

Within DNU Media, Geerhard Ellens is founder of and ultimately responsible for ICT Magazine. He will remain involved with ICT Magazine and the other titles of Dolphin Publications as an external advisor until at least the end of 2024. The ambition is to continue working with the freelancers who have worked for ICT Magazine after the acquisition.

Ellens: "Over the past 15 years, ICT Magazine has proven to be a reliable source of independent IT industry information for managers and directors. I am convinced that Dolphin Publications will take ICT/Magazine to the next level, giving IT vendors even more powerful opportunities to reach key decision makers and influencers in the Netherlands and Belgium with high-quality content."

Dolphin Publications

Dolphin Publications richt zich op IT-professionals en zakelijke beslissers. We onderscheiden ons van andere media op kennis, inhoud en diepgang. Onze redactie weet exact wat er speelt in de markt, hoe de oplossingen in elkaar zitten, hoe ze werken en waar behoefte aan is. Met een goed inhoudelijk verhaal bereik je de doelgroep veel beter.
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